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Re: [Xen-users] dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expecte

datto@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I think he's having problems with Dom0 changing Mac address, rather than the domU (is that right?)

Yes, you are correct. It's dom0 that seems to be getting a random MAC
Eh? How is that possible? I thought the only random MAC created is the
MAC for the vifs?
I use Lineox (another RHE clone, like CentOS) for dom0 and it works. The
MAC for eth0 in dom0 is the same one I get as in native Linux. I did
build my own Xen kernel though, to include some drivers just the way I
like it.

AFAIK, as long as you have the necessary network drivers on dom0 kernel
the interface names will stay the same on native Linux and Xen, which
means the MAC is also the same.



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