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[Xen-users] Network stalling


we're running Xen 2.0.5 (Kernel as installed by default on SuSE 9.3. The machine is a dual Athlon MP on a Tyan Thunder board with an Intel Pro/1000 NIC. The network between dom0 and the domUs uses the default bridged setup.

Unfortunately, when transferring large amounts of data (e.g. large file transfers via NFS, or just pumping zeroes across the network with netcat), after 1 GB of data or so (a 3 GB file transfer definitely fails), the network suddenly stalls with only a few 100k/s of bandwidth remaining.

This happens between dom0 and other machines, between domU and other machines, and between several domUs when running on different CPUs. Interestingly, things seem to be ok between domUs if they're on the same CPU.

Are there any ideas what one could do to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


-- Christoph Schmitz <schmitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
-- FG Wissensverarbeitung, FB 17, Universität Kassel
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