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[Xen-users] kexec into a new Dom0 Xen kernel possible?

I have puzzled with the idea if it's possible to upgrade a Dom0 XEN kernel by 
using kexec. Of cause the x86-xen architecture isn't supported by kexec yet, 
but is it in principle possible?
The XEN microkernel should continue to run, and the new Dom0 kernel should 
somehow be connected to XEN, so is will be able to manage it. If the table of 
user domains are kept inside XEN and not the dom0 kernel they should be able 
to continue to run during this kexec fastboot.

Andreas Bach Aaen              System Developer, M. Sc. 
Ericsson Danmark A/S           tel: +45 89 38 51 00
Skanderborgvej 232             fax: +45 89 38 51 01
8260 Viby J      Denmark       andreas.bach.aaen@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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