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Re: [Xen-users] Warning wrt starting the xen3.0 network-bridge from init scripts on Gentoo

On Wednesday 02 November 2005 22:51, Charles Duffy wrote:
> Gentoo is rather aggressive wrt making sure that dependencies are
> fulfilled.
> This means that running /etc/init.d/net.eth0 restart from an init script
> which declares that it requires a functioning network to work will, if
> no interfaces other than eth0 is configured, cause that init script to
> be told to shut down before the network adapter can be deconfigured!
> So... if you're going to call network-bridge or xend from an init script
> on Gentoo, and that init script declares that it has a dependency on
> having the network up, make sure you have another interface (I use
> dummy0) defined as UP, lest the point in network-bridge where it
> restarts the interface currently being configured result in a very
> confused state.
> (I spent much too much time debugging this issue today).

have a look at /etc/conf.d/rc:

# RC_NET_STRICT_CHECKING allows some flexibility with the 'net' service.
# The following values are allowed:
#  none  - The 'net' service is always considered up.
#  no    - This basically means that at least one net.* service besides net.lo
#          must be up.  This can be used by notebook users that have a wifi 
#          a static nic, and only wants one up at any given time to have the
#          'net' service seen as up.
#  lo    - This is the same as the 'no' option, but net.lo is also counted.
#          This should be useful to people that do not care about any specific
#          interface being up at boot.
#  yes   - For this ALL network interfaces MUST be up for the 'net' service to
#          be considered up.


and, bingo, you can play with your xen bridges without all net-dependend 
services going down...


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