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[Xen-users] Warning wrt starting the xen3.0 network-bridge from init scripts on Gentoo

Gentoo is rather aggressive wrt making sure that dependencies are fulfilled.

This means that running /etc/init.d/net.eth0 restart from an init script which declares that it requires a functioning network to work will, if no interfaces other than eth0 is configured, cause that init script to be told to shut down before the network adapter can be deconfigured!

So... if you're going to call network-bridge or xend from an init script on Gentoo, and that init script declares that it has a dependency on having the network up, make sure you have another interface (I use dummy0) defined as UP, lest the point in network-bridge where it restarts the interface currently being configured result in a very confused state.

(I spent much too much time debugging this issue today).

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