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Re: [Xen-users] Warning wrt starting the xen3.0 network-bridge from init scripts on Gentoo

Ian Pratt wrote the following on 04.11.2005 17:12 :

Gentoo is rather aggressive wrt making sure that dependencies are fulfilled.

This means that running /etc/init.d/net.eth0 restart from an init script which declares that it requires a functioning network to work will, if no interfaces other than eth0 is configured, cause that init script to be told to shut down before the network adapter can be deconfigured!


In fact this isn't a problem at all. A Gentoo admin only have to set:
in /etc/conf.d/rc

the config file states:
# RC_NET_STRICT_CHECKING allows some flexibility with the 'net' service.
# The following values are allowed:
#  none  - The 'net' service is always considered up.
# no - This basically means that at least one net.* service besides net.lo # must be up. This can be used by notebook users that have a wifi and
#          a static nic, and only wants one up at any given time to have the
#          'net' service seen as up.
#  lo    - This is the same as the 'no' option, but net.lo is also counted.
# This should be useful to people that do not care about any specific
#          interface being up at boot.
# yes - For this ALL network interfaces MUST be up for the 'net' service to
#          be considered up.

Gentoo scripts are far more flexible than you would believe at first glance :-) Just look at the /etc/conf.d/<subsystem>. In this case we are speaking of the "rc" script which does the dependency resolution.


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