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[Xen-users] Module error in mkinitrd

We are happily running xen on a server which uses a SATA driver (thank
you all you xenists for producing such a great product).  However, we
are creating a custom kernel for a domU.  When we attempt to run
mkinitrd we get:

No module ata_piix found for kernel, aborting.

This is the SATA driver.  In the past (xen 2.0.5), we simply ran make
ARCH=xen menuconfig and told it to build a module for the low level scsi
driver for ata_piix.  That was simply to eliminate the error as I do not
think the domU actually needs the SATA driver.

However, in xen 2.0.7 with the kernel, this option is no
longer available.  That's not so bad since I'm sure we were not
addressing the real issue in our work around.

What is the real issue and how do we eliminate this error?

On a related note, we always notice kudzu on boot and tell it to remove
the configuration for a number of devices which are now virtualized be
they keyboard drivers or NIC drivers.  How do we eliminate those? Thanks
- John
John A. Sullivan III
Open Source Development Corporation
+1 207-985-7880

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