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[Xen-users] Sun and BEA 1.5 64-bit JVMs not happy w/ Xen on x86_64

I'm running a SLES9 DomU, with Xen3 changeset 7608.

Both BEA's JRockit 25.2.0-jdk1.5.0_03-linux-x64 and Sun's jdk-1_5_0_05-linux-amd64 fail, receiving ENOMEM when trying to anonymously mmap memory to use [after a number of successful allocations]. This happens even when running something as simple as "java -version". The DomU in question has 1GB RAM and 4GB swap available for its use and is running no substantial other processes.

This issue does not occur when running 32-bit JVMs, even within the exact same 64-bit DomU.

If there's anything I can do to better narrow down the issue, please let me know.

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