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Re: [Xen-users] Re: xend restart

In principle you can but there have been some problems with doing so - you'll 
want to test it on a system that doesn't matter.  Ideally you'd avoid 
restarting Xend just to be on the safe side.  Some of the cleanups in the 3.0 
tree might help this situation.


On Monday 07 November 2005 09:09, Timur Irmatov wrote:
> On 11/7/05, Timur Irmatov <irmatov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am wondering, is it safe to restart xend (after upgrade of python
> > version or other libraries) with running domU's?
> >
> > Should I stop all domU before that, or they will be not affected by
> > xend restart?
> It seems my question is answered in xend.tex:
> When xend creates a domain it creates the domain memory image and
> communicates with the device driver domain(s) to configure the devices for
> the domain. This sets up connections between the domain and backend device
> controllers in the driver domain. When a domain shuts down its memory image
> cannot be fully released
> unless its backend devices are released and disconnected. This is done by
> xend. In order to protect against loss of this information when xend is
> restarted, xend maintains a persistent database of domain configurations.
> This allows xend to be stopped and restarted without loss of configuration
> information. For example, in order to upgrade the xend software.
> Does that mean I can safely restart xend without any impact on running
> domU's?
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