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[NOTABUG] Re: [Xen-users] Sun and BEA 1.5 64-bit JVMs not happy w/ Xen on x86_64

Ian Pratt wrote:
Please can you give us a recipe for provoking the bug using the sun jvm
(or better, a little program that just does the mmap).

[or are you saying that just running 'jave -version' a bunch of times
causes the issue? ]
Running "java -version" causes the issue every time, starting immediately after boot.

I just strace'd the Sun JVM, and it appears that the only mmap failing is requesting a full 1GB of RAM, and that only inconsequential amounts have been allocated hitherto. Looking into this further, I've found evidence that there's a bug in Sun's 64-bit JVMs causing them to allocate much more memory than is needed:

...and, further, that "ulimit -v" isn't being set appropriately on this system on account of an administration bug. [Swap was enabled only *after* boot, whereas SLES calculates the default ulimit -v as a percentage of total ram+swap at boot time].

Oops; sorry for the noise.

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