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Re: [Xen-users] Dom0 seeing 2Gb, but not 4GB ram

> The core linux installation is Fedora Core 4-32bit.
> FC4 sees all 4GBs of RAM.  The Xen Dom0, however, only
> sees 2Gb.
> I've tried the following:
> 1. Installing the pre-built FC4 Xen Kernels.  Same
> result.
> 2. Installing the FC4-64bit.  Could then see 4GB, but
> ran into other issues creating a guest system.

OK...?  Xen on 64 bit ought to work reasonably well.  Was it a Xen problem or 
an FC4 problem that stopped you?  If the former was the case (and it's not 
fixed yet) you should probably scream about it ;-)

> 3. Downloading the latest Xen-unstable code, using
> menuconfig to set ensure the CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G setting
> was set (and it is) and building new kernels to
> FC4-32.

That sounds like it ought to work...

> The last is where I stand today.  For some reason,
> however, I only see 2GB of RAM.  That fact that I see
> 2GB leads me to believe the HIGHMEM is working
> (because it would be 800Mb otherwise, right?).  Why
> can't I see the rest?  Could it have to do with having
> 2x2Gb sticks instead of 4x1Gb?
> I don't believe I can use PAE, thats an intel thing,
> right?

It should work on Opteron AFAIK.

What you're seeing seems pretty weird... can you check your normal kernel 
definitely isn't using PAE?  I guess it's possible you need PAE to see all 
your memory, but "losing" 2Gig seems just bizarre to me.

I'm not familiar with what Fedora supports by default.  Maybe someone from 
Redhat can comment.

> I'm at a loss.  We really want to make use of our
> memory as we plan to run one DomU with 1GB and the
> rest with 512GB each.
> The Xen kernel version is (unstable).  FC has
> all the latest yum updates as of this morning.

It ought to work as you want...


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