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[Xen-users] Re: Dom0 seeing 2Gb, but not 4GB ram

Mark Lassiter schrieb:
> 3. Downloading the latest Xen-unstable code, using
> menuconfig to set ensure the CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G setting
> was set (and it is) and building new kernels to
> FC4-32.

Well, I recently had a Dual Xeon Server with 4GB of RAM. Installed
Debian Sarge on it and had only 3,2GB RAM. I had to recompile the kernel
with 64GB highmem support (PAE was enabled automatically when doing
this). Then the kernel detected arround 4,8GB RAM, 800MB are reserved
for PCI devices and voila, I have 4GB of RAM useable. (NOT with XEN,
"just" an application server).
Don't know if this is of any use for you, just a hint from me.


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