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[Xen-users] Unable to compile drivers...


I have installed Xen from the binaries (2.3.4 in "Users' manual") and I have got to the point of setting up the networking for Domain0. In order to do this I need to compile ndiswrapper and when I try this I get the following:

Can't find kernel sources in /lib/modules/;
 give the path to kernel sources with KSRC=<path> argument to make
make: *** [prereq_check] Error 1

When I look in the /lib/modules/ I see no build directory.

# ls /lib/modules/
kernel          modules.dep          modules.isapnpmap  modules.usbmap
modules.alias   modules.ieee1394map  modules.pcimap
modules.ccwmap  modules.inputmap     modules.symbols

I have the linux kernel source (downloaded and unzipped (-jxvf) in the /usr/src/kernels/ directory:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Nov 8 17:53 /usr/src/linux -> /usr/src/kernels/

When I try to use KSRC=/usr/src/linux I get the same make error.

I understand this is probably pretty elementary, but I'm not sure why I am unable to recompile my network (or video) driver. Any ideas?

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