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Re: [Xen-users] Hardware recommendations for XEN

> Will I get any advantage from using a dual-core CPU? Hyperthreading
> CPU? Intel vs. AMD vs. whatever else? If not, then perhaps I'll be
> looking for older (and cheaper) CPU/motherboards.

The extra horsepower from dual core is always a good thing ;-)  Either dual 
core or hyperthreading allows you to run domUs *concurrently* with dom0, 
which can improve uniprocessor IO performance (although if you're not highly 
stressing the system it won't matter so much).

Most hardware will work OK, although as usual it's better to steer clear of 
the well-known manufacturers who play fast and loose with the specs.  In 
general most stuff that works with Linux should work with Xen - even more so 
for Xen 3.0.

> Is it possible to use a CDRW drive for writing CDs from DomU if the
> drive is on the same IDE controller as other harddrives are?

'fraid not.


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> links.
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