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Re: [Xen-users] Video output/graphics in virtualized OSs

> >  From which follows that it should - at some point in the future - be
> > possible to use a mobo with onboard video for dom0, and a PCIx card in
> > at least one domU, or maybe even more PCIx cards for different domU's?
> No, that should work right now, but only with xen-2.* as xen-3 currently
> can't pass arround PCI devices.
> The problem is the X Server which tries to allocate a virtual terminal to
> run on (vt7 usually) whereas the xenified domU linux only has a console, no
> terminals...
> For Mouse+Keyboard you'll also have to dedicate an USB HCD to the domU, the
> std PS/2 ports usually aren't a PCI device and can't be shared.
> So with some tweaks to the X11 config and maybe a patch or two to it, it
> should basically work right now.

All it needs is someone with the appropriate skills (or willingness to learn 
them) and enough time ;-)  There will be some useful information on this in 
the mailing list archives.

A number of people have worked towards this goal but I'm not sure how far they 
got in the end.  It was never a question of fundamental technical issues, 
just of the software involved being rather unco-operative.

Although you can only do this sort of trick with 2.0 right now, the required 
PCI functionality should be coming back during the 3.x series.


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