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Re: [Xen-users] Video output/graphics in virtualized OSs

On Sunday 13 November 2005 20:24, Mogens Valentin wrote:
> > I should also mention that it's theoretically possible to give a domU
> > access to a PCI video card and devote another physical monitor to the
> > domain. Various people have fooled around with this; I'm not sure if it
> > works *yet* because there are lots of fiddly things in the console /
> > X.org subsystems that need to be right. Hopefully this will be fully
> > functional some time soon.
>  From which follows that it should - at some point in the future - be
> possible to use a mobo with onboard video for dom0, and a PCIx card in
> at least one domU, or maybe even more PCIx cards for different domU's?

No, that should work right now, but only with xen-2.* as xen-3 currently can't 
pass arround PCI devices.

The problem is the X Server which tries to allocate a virtual terminal to run 
on (vt7 usually) whereas the xenified domU linux only has a console, no 

For Mouse+Keyboard you'll also have to dedicate an USB HCD to the domU, the 
std PS/2 ports usually aren't a PCI device and can't be shared. 

So with some tweaks to the X11 config and maybe a patch or two to it, it 
should basically work right now.


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