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[Xen-users] freebsd domU disks

hello list!

i've just gotten a freebsd domU working with FC4 dom0 (xen 2.0.7). i'm using the mdroot-5.3-small from http://www.fsmware.com/xenofreebsd/5.3/, but i'm unable to add more vbd's for swap and other partitions.

i don't get any errors on startup, but GEOM doesn't create the disk and there's nothing in /dev (it's devfs).

i've read of other folks having some success with more than one vbd, but before i spend more time, i thought i'd ask if anyone knows how to make this work.

ideally, i'd like to use LVM partitions rather than image files, and my disk line from the config looks like:

disk = ['phy:/dev/Xen/xen_freebsd_64G,/dev/Xen/xen_freebsd_64G,w',

i've tried a number of things where 'xbd1' is; each with no luck, some with errors.

i'd also tried using a vbd_list like:

vbd_list = [ ('phy:/dev/Xen/xen_freebsd_swap_1G','xbd1', 'w') ]

again, no such luck.

help appreciated.

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