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Re: [Xen-users] xenConsole r0.15 is available

Stig H. Jacobsen wrote:

xenConsole seems to be a viable concept, so I've setup a mailing list,
created an entry on freshmeat.net and today released a new version -
0.15 - please see forwarded mail below for changes.

Screenshot of r0.15: http://freshmeat.net/screenshots/57007/61278/

Please be aware that this is beta-software and the packages are
primitive - CPAN packages must also be installed to run xenConsole -
see the Readme-file.


Trying to get this working on a very simple clean debian environment and having real problems getting the cpan package to load.

1. There are a lot of dependancies so it would be useful to give some more ideas of the packages required.

2. The compile of Curses:UI:POE needs the resize command, which is part of xutils. This then drags in a lot of packages I dont' really want in my Dom0 environment.


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