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[Xen-users] Emulex SAN card support

Xen users,

I am in the process of buying a Xen machine to do testing and see if Xen is
a good choice for our site. I will be deploying version 3, but it won't be
in production for some months.

My question is, has anyone used the Emulex dual channel fc cards in Xen?
Where there any special tricks involved in getting it to work? I've read
some of the other posts on the mailing lists, and some people say to use
Qlogic cards with CLVM, which I haven't used yet.

Hardware specs:

Sun Fire x4200 with:
2 x 254 Opterons
73 x 2 SAS disk
Quad channel ethernet
Emulex PCI-2 2G Dual Channel FC Host card
Mark C. Ballew                          University of California
mballew@xxxxxxxx                        Office of the President
PGP: 0xB2A33008                         510-987-0629

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