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[Xen-users] Videocards support in Xen

The resent Nvidia thread got me thinking.
I'm aware of the problems with Nvidia's closed drivers (using 'em now); just check the threads nvnews.com :)

I'm browsing for new hardware for a combined Xen server/workstation, so I'll need decent video performance.
No gaming, but DVD playback is on my wishlist. 1600x1200 is a must.
Oh, I'd hate to loose framebuffering, but, oh well...

I may go for an Asrock 939DUAL-SATA2 mobo, as this will permit both AGP and PCIe video, and -may- work with upcoming socket M2 cpu's.

So, I can get by with a decent AGP8 card until some PCIe card has proper Xen-aware drivers. But which one? Matrox maybe? No decent AGP or PCIe card I know of have OSS drivers, nor do I see evidence of any graphics manufacturer paying attention to Xen.

Pity, they may have a real good window of opportunity to get things working before Pacifica get launched in april next year.

I'm hoping the S3 Chrome 2x series gets Linux support. Nice performance vs power consumption and noice.

I'm at a loss here. Feedback anyone?

Kind regards,
Mogens Valentin

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