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[Xen-users] Question about assigning NICS

I am in process of implementing a Dom0 setup with several DomU's, one of
which will be a firewall. 

I have 3 NICs in the host machine, and wish to assign them to the
Firewall "guest" (though it'll need to use a privileged kernel).

I plan on using a "dummy" interface on each DomX for management (and
this will be the only way Dom0 can be accessed -- remotely, anyway;
there will always be direct console access)

My question:

My ISP assigned my IP via DHCP.  If I assign the NIC the Internet is
plugged into to the firewall "guest", will the IP my ISP asigns show up
on the corresponding interface on the firewall "guest"?

The reason I ask is I currently have the Internet plugged into Dom0
(where all the NICS are currently accessed) and created a bridge for
interface.  The firewall DomU can access all three bridges, but the one
assigned to the "public" interface has to have a private IP still.



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