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Re: [Xen-users] Xen + Nvidia drivers

Mogens Valentin wrote:

Well, Nvidia seems to be interested in Xen support. On nvnews.net, I wrote a polite request for Xen support. Please see the thread at:

Unfortunately, due to major HW/SW upgrades, it'll be a short while before I can participate on the forum myself.

Often, vendors are accused of not showing interest in Linux, so since Nvidia has now shown Xen interest, I believe it'll be A Good Thing if some from this list would signup on nvnews and participate.

I'm not familiar at all with how the Nvidia community stuff works at all. If Nvidia developers are interested in supporting Xen, you should direct them to xen-devel and they are certain to get the help they need.


Anthony Liguori

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