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Re: [Xen-users] can i start xp in fedora with xen?

> > i am runing fedora core and kernel-xen0 is installed can i run xp with
> > fedora?
> no not out of the box.
> i am wondering about this too.
> the website says that windows xp was modifired to run xen but not released
> due to licensing.
> can i modify my own copy of xp to run in xen???

Sorry guys, you're out of luck.

We never did figure out if it would be possible to release a binary patch for 
Windows Xen support (obviously we couldn't distribute source code mods).  
There'd obviously be big legal headaches involved with this sort of thing.  
The Windows port also hasn't been updated for a long while.

The plan is to support Windows (and other guests that aren't / can't be 
ported) only under Vanderpool / Pacifica chips - i.e. you'll need the new 
virtualisation-enhanced hardware from Intel and AMD.  Intel's solution should 
be in a shop near you Real Soon Now, since they've shipped the hardware to 
manufacturers.  AMD's will be available next year.


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