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RE: [Xen-users] Building Wiki for clustering using GFS and Debian


>Well, I am not the author as well, but putting up a wiki on clustering
>with xen should be no problem. The document Christophe put up gives a
>good overview on what way to take (thanks for that, Christophe), but a
>more detailled howto would prevent lots of similar posts on this list.
Thank you :) I agree with you.

>So the questions are:
>1. Christophe, is it okay if other people work on a more detailed howto
>based on your document?
I would be glad to help and share my work.

>2. Who would like to put work in a xen clustering wiki?
Count me in.

>3. What wiki platform would the community prefer? I tend to love
>wikimedia (I could put up an extra site for that), but we could also
>integrate it into the xensource-wiki.
I know a bit of Wikimedia, but I never really worked on a wiki.

Let us know when and where you create the wiki. I will create a mirror of it at the same time. Let's start to put everyone's experience in a single doc :)


Christophe PAINCHAUD

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