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Re: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 Test CD v1 released

On Nov 25, 2005, at 3:42 PM, David Muench wrote:
On 11/25/05, David Muench <davemuench@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The iso downloaded from Texas has the appropriate md5sum. I'm burning
it now. The Pennsylvania one should be double checked by the xensource

New problems - the cd booted fine this time, and went through the
initial battery of tests in normal Linux without any problems. When it
rebooted to go into Xen 3.0 32 bit, the first grub screen (where it
picked Default) worked fine, but the second one to actually boot Xen
didn't. Here's the error (retyped):

Booting 'Xen 3.0 (x86_32) (vga)'

savedefault 1
128:393215 /xentestingcd/default
root (cd)

Error 25: Disk read error

Press any key to continue...

It's the root (cd) causing the disk read error, I got the same thing
when trying to run that command at the grub command line. My cdrom is
a standard PATA hooked up as secondary master.


I got the same reaction when I first tried it. I was using one of the later partitions for the XenTest data. When I changed that to the first partition (a /boot area that has extra space) everything worked as expected.

So I'm wondering if the error is really coming from an attempt to read the HD for test status.


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