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RE: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 Test CD v1 released

> Dave,
> I got the same reaction when I first tried it. I was using 
> one of the later partitions for the XenTest data.
> When I changed that to the first partition (a /boot area that 
> has extra space) everything worked as expected.
> So I'm wondering if the error is really coming from an 
> attempt to read the HD for test status.
> Richard

We now understand this issue with the CD, and it turns out to be a bug
in grub (bug #14407). Grub's partition table handling doesn't reset
itself properly when going from an "extended" DOS partition on a HDD to
accessing a CD, and ends up trying to read from the CD at the same
offset as the logical partition table was on the drive. :(


 - Don't use an extended partition to save the state directory. 

 - Edit the boot commands to issue "root (hd0,0)" just before "root
   which should unstick the partition table pointer.  You'd have to do
   this on every boot, though. :(

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