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Re: [Xen-users] Network performance in virtual machine (good upload speed, bad download)


networking problems with large MTU's have been recently discussed on
the xen-devel list.
i don't know if this is also relevant for xen 2.0.7, but as a first
step, i would take a look of
the bridge's MTU as well as of the virtual eth device in the domU.



Martin Nilsson schrieb:

> I have just installed Xen and got a virtual machine up and running.
> Everything seems to work fine, except that I get strange network
> performance in the virtual machine. When I upload data, I get good
> speeds, around 6-7 MB/s which I think is ok on a 100 Mbit network.
> When I download however, I only get ~300 KB/s. On the host machine
> I get good speed in both direction. The version of Xen is 2.0.7,
> and I have tried both the binary release and built my own kernel,
> with the same results. The host OS is debian sarge. I really have
> no idea where to look for a solution, so every advice I can get is
> highly appreciated.
> Best regards, /Martin
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