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[Xen-users] Re: Xen for network services (aka web/mail/dns etc)

So long as the system is up to the CPU and IO load you'll be placing on it (and without knowing your load, it's hard to say much), you shouldn't have trouble. However, a few pieces of advice:

- Move your MySQL instance into a DomU, even if it's not as convenient as you'd like.

- If you aren't using LVM, seriously consider using it; it makes storage management much more reasonable.

Have a nice, long maintenance window -- and practice first on a non-production machine.

If you're CPU bound, consider moving to dual-core processors. (If you're I/O-bound, this obviously won't help -- so consider your load and try to be sure you *won't* be I/O-bound).

We use Gentoo on our Dom0s and a mix of Gentoo and SLES9 on our DomUs, so I can't give any advice regarding Debian.

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