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Re: [Xen-users] first steps with xen


On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 11:05 +0100, flotschi wrote:
> dear all
> i'm verry knew in using xen.
> i have allready set up an working xen on fc4.
> know to my questions whats the easiest way to set up debian or an
> ubuntu on that system.
> i have also installed a other fc4 as an domu with yum but i think
> therre got some files lost. 
> does anybody had the same troubles?

First some further questions so we might better be able to understand
your problem and help you:

Did you look at any of the tutorials available on the net and in the xen
What exactly did you try, what is happening instead of the expected
results, why do you think there are some files missing?

Basically, to set up a Debian or Ubuntu system from scratch, you need
debootstrap. On a native Debian and UBuntu system, these are available
via apt. 
On non debian-based systems, you'll need to get the debootstrap deb
package, unpack it/convert it via alien, and see if you get it going. If
I remember correct, it's a shell (or maybe perl) script, which should
work out of the box. Maybe you'll need some dependencies, but I don't
know exactly, as I never tried to use debootstrap on Fedora.
There's also a site which offers readily built basic system images for
download, but I don't have the URL at hand.


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