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Re: [Xen-users] 'Link veth0 is missing' - caused by having no 'ip' command

Hi Richard,

don't know which distro you are using, but the ip command is in a
package normally called as iputils.
I'm surprised that you don't have it installed in your distro, because
it's the "modern" way of configuring networking under Linux


Richard Jones schrieb:

> I get the error attached below when I run network-bridge start by
> hand. I have a veth0 interface. Looking at the script, it seems
> the reason the command fails is because the script tries to run
> this function to test for veth0:
> link_exists() { if ip link show "$1" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null then
> return 0 else return 1 fi }
> But there is no "ip" command under Linux, and it doesn't look like
> Xen installs one either. How do I get this command?
> Rich.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> # /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge start
> Link veth0 is missing. This may be because you have reached the
> limit of the number of interfaces that the loopback driver
> supports. If the loopback driver is a module, you may raise this
> limit by passing it as a parameter (nloopbacks=<N>); if the driver
> is compiled statically into the kernel, then you may set the
> parameter using loopback.nloopbacks=<N> on the domain 0 kernel
> command line.

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