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[Xen-users] Unable to have more than 3 interfaces in domU

I am not able to give more than 3 interfaces to domU. If I specify 4 vif=... to xm create, ifconfig -a in domU will only see eth0, eth1 and eth2.

Config file:

kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-"
memory = 20
disk = ['cow:/mnt/cdrom/crab-domU.img 30,hda1,w']
root = "/dev/hda1 ro"

startscript for domU:

brctl addbr switch1
brctl addbr switch2
brctl addbr switch3
brctl addbr switch4
ifconfig switch1 up
ifconfig switch2 up
ifconfig switch3 up
ifconfig switch4 up

xm create -c /crab/.xen/crab-domU.cfg name=test vif=bridge=switch1 vif=bridge=switch2 vif=bridge=switch3 vif=bridge=switch4

The dom0 part of the network seem to be set up correctly:
#brctl show
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
switch1         8000.feffffffffff       no              vif2.0
switch2         8000.feffffffffff       no              vif2.1
switch3         8000.feffffffffff       no              vif2.2
switch4         8000.feffffffffff       no              vif2.3
xenbr0          8000.feffffffffff       no              peth0

Could there be some limitation in the xenU kernel or am I missing something else?

We are developing a router simulator that runs Quagga in every domU, is there a better way to simulate a serial link between two routers than to use a bridge?


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