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Re: [Xen-users] an attempt to explain xen networking

Hi Patrick,

On Wed, 2006-02-01 at 09:57 -0500, Patrick Wolfe wrote:
> [...]
> I hope someone finds this information useful.  Feel free to send me any
> constructive comments, corrections or improvements.

Cool! When put in the wiki this would greatly benefit the usefulness of
the XenNetworking page.

I have one question about the following paragraph:

> ------------------------------
> when using network-route/vif-route:
> when xend starts up, it runs network-route which:
> - enabled ip forwarding within dom0
> when domU starts up, xend runs (within dom0) vif-route which:
> - copies the ip address from eth0 to vif<id#>.0
> - brings up vif<id#>.0
> - adds host static route for domU's ip address specified in
>   domU.sxp config file, pointing at interface vif<id#>.0

As of xen 3.0, there is no file named domU.sxp, and I don't see
documentation on how to create such one.
There's only the xend-config.sxp, which has nothing to do with it, I
As written in my mail before where I asked for help about that
networking stuff, my efforts trying to specify the domU ip address in
the domU's config file as described in a mail to this list beginning of
2005 were not successful at all.

Anyway, thanks! If you need help to get that info in the wiki, please
let me know.

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