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Re: [Xen-users] SELinux + EVMS + Xen - anyone done it?


I've made one manually that does evms_activate and mounts the root
filesystem under Xen.

I sent various patches towards the maintainer of genkernel (Tim Yamin)
which would allow it to work with Xen, but he didn't like some of them
too much it seemed.  Guess he's not a Xen user.  So I eventually just
gave up and made an initrd by hand.

Just to be clear. The totally vanilla initramfs which is generated by the latest genkernel works fine with latest Xen stable. The trick was

a) in the boot params
b) NOT adding a special ARCH=xen line for the genkernel

The boot params in particular need to be quite exact. See previous email for what works for me

This at least *boots* into the kernel now. I now have some problems running a XenU session, but they seem to be Python related...

Ed W

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