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[Xen-users] dynamically creating domU bridges

I'll try again, this time with the attachment :-)

The attached patch modifies xen3's /etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge so
you don't have to worry about where to define new bridges, just refer
to them in a domU's config file vif statement, and if the bridge
doesn't exist already, it will be added dynamically as the domU
is created.

Note:  This patch doesn't help if you intend to automatically attach any
of dom0 virtual ethernet cables (vif0.#<->veth#) to this bridge at boot
time, since the bridge will need to be defined before the dom0 vif0.#
interface can attached to it.   In those cases, what you need to do
instead is customize /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge (or whatever file
the (network-script filename) setting in xend-config.sxp points to.

This patch only makes it easier if you want to create additional bridges
for communciation between multiple domUs, for example HA heartbeat
networks, or backend database networks.

to apply this patch:
- save this file (for example, as ~/dynamic-vif-bridge.patch)
  don't worry about editing out these comments
- change your working directory to where the xen3 scripts are located:
        cd /etc/xen/scripts
- save backup copy of unmodified vif-bridge file:
        cp vif-bridge vif-bridge.orig
- apply patch (check for any errors):
        patch -p0 < ~/dynamic-vif-bridge.patch


Patrick Wolfe

email:   pwolfe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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