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Re: [Xen-users] domU images repository

Hello All,
Coming into this thread late w/o reading it fully...
 I had pretty good success with rpmstrap after a bit of fiddling around
with it, I was using a CentOS-4 dom0, I was also able to build debian
boxes by aliening a debootrap .deb into an rpm and installing on CentOS.
Was a convenient wat to make debian domU's w/o running a debian host and
required just a few modifications(installing an fstab etc) to get up and

good days,
John Fairbairn

> Steve Kemp wrote:
>>   Anyway rpmstrap looks great.  I saw it listed on freshmeat this
>>  morning, although when testing it I noticed it doesn't support/handle
>>  SuSE.
>>   So for the moment I cannot use it.
> My experience using rpmstrap from inside Debian was problematic. As most
> of you know, debian uses apt and dpkg for packages, NOT rpm.
> I'm sure it fills a need, but the less painful way is to spawn systems
> from like systems. I found it much easier to spawn a centos-3 system
> using yum --installroot and rpm --root vs. trying rpmstrap with a
> quirky/unworkable set of packages. The packages dictated by the centos3
> suite are (or were anyway) pointed at an old updates of centos-3 (3.4 ?)
> See http://mark.foster.cc/wiki/index.php/Centos-3_on_Xen for a write-up.
> The other aspect of vm creation I don't see discussed much here is the
> use of templates... they can save alot of time when you need to spawn
> multiple like systems. The use of templates is something that IMO should
> be considered as a best practice in production scenarios. One could
> easily leverage a pre-packaged image by downloading and modifying it
> into one's own template.
> --
> Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints...
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