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Re: [Xen-users] Control Panel For Xen

Hi, This is a pretty good idea, 

I'm looking for such a panel but didn't found something yet.
As far as I can, I would help with development. My answers :

Am Montag, 13. Februar 2006 22:03 schrieb Linn Boyd:
> Hello All,
>       We have developed an in-house control panel for Xen. I would like
> to know what kind of interest there is for this panel and the answer to
> the question of what we should do with it. This is not vaporware, but it
> is operational at this point. It runs on the LAMP platform and is managing
> our farm.
> Current Features
>       1. Traffic monitoring for each domU(inbound/outbound).
>       2. CPU monitoring for each dom0.
>       3. Location service for each domU if you have multiple dom0's.
>       4. Rapid build of dom0's from with gfs. (I don't know if this will
> ever be released as we have proprietary information in this feature)
>       5. Support for live migration from webpage.
>       6. Support for provisioning of new domU's from web interface. We
> are currently expanding this feature and it will allow selection of os
> images and configuration of the domU's.
>       7. Growing of domU's file systems on GFS from a web interface.
>       8. Health monitor of the farm, you can see what is running on each
> dom0.
>       9. This is targeted for a hosting company, but can be targeted for
> almost any application.
>       10. Support for restarting, starting and destroying domU's.
> Questions
>       1. Is there any interest in this, and if so what level of
> interest?
For me, Interest is very high, that its able to visualize the Virtual systems.
>       2. I am considering if I should open source these or if they
> should be left closed source and maybe on a subscription basis only. The
> investment in time and money has been great, and the competition would use
> this software as well.
I vote for Open source too, becaus in this case everybody can modify the 
script for its own purposes. The Idea with an one-time-pay is okay.
>       3. How should it be marketed and if it is what would be a fair
> price?
>       4. Should I develop a Xen in a box type of system? We have done
> this and can bring a stable Xen/GFS farm online in about three hours.
I dont understand the question.. so no comment
>       5. What other features does everyone want on this?

Total traffic is an very difficult issue, i think, for my server i didn't find 
something so i created my own script

> Thanks in Advance,
> Linn


Stephan Augustin
Rosenpark 3
65795 Hattersheim

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