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[Xen-users] Re: Unstable Xen host - SOLVED

Just thought I'd post an update to this problem in case anyone finds it

Problem went away after installing 3.0.1 (from packages.debianbase.de)
and using the precompiled kernel for both host and guest OS's. System
now seems stable (no reboots for over two weeks with 5 guests running),
and I have removed the "nousb" kernel option with no detrimental effect.

So just for the record:

 Dell PowerEdge SC1425 (SATA)
 Debian 3.1 (Sarge) host
 Software RAID1 + LVM2
 Xen 3.0.1 (from packages.debianbase.de)
 Kernel (from packages.debianbase.de)

seems to work just fine.

Jamie Neil | <jamie@xxxxxxxxxxx> | 0870 7777 454
Versado I.T. Services Ltd. | http://versado.net/ | 0845 450 1254

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