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Re: [Xen-users] FC4 with Xen-3.0? Can someone post a step-by-step?

Hi "Lost in Xen",
On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 21:10 -0500, Lost in Xen wrote:

>  [...]
> What I can not get working is even the simplest networking.  I haven't
> seen any writeups that explicity cover Dom0 networking -- they all
> gloss right over to DomU.
> Have a heart.  If you're out there with a working FC4/Xen3 Dom0 that
> has a static address, tell me how you pulled it off.

First, you are more likely to get help ans save people time if you use
an adequate subject. In that case it would be something like "dom0
networking on Fedora4"

Then,please tell, what is your exact problem? I guess you mean you have
trouble getting dom0 networking going.

This should "just work", there is nothing special to do to get it going,
The reasons why it doesn't do for you can be:
- problem with acpi stuff (I have several machines having trouble with
networking which goes awy with acpi=off)

- missing network card driver - if you have an exotic card, your driver
may not be inckuded. You have to folooe the manual and readme's in the
source distribution of xen, and compile a kernel with the needed

But it is easier to help you if you tell something more about the
symptoms you are experiencing. What's in the logfiles? Where does
something not behave as you expect?


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