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Re: [Xen-users] Graphical performance

On Monday 20 February 2006 14:04, variant integrity wrote:
> I am planning to start using xen to run XP on a pentiumD system with
> VT and would like some advice, how does xen handel the graphics
> drivers from the guest OS? does everything just get passed down to xen
> or what? As this is for a desktop system it will need to have decent
> 3d performance on the guest OS.. will it work well with xen?

the windows guest will see a virtual, emulated SVGA card, which is backed in 
dom0 by the qemu device emulator.
So, there'll be no acceleration, but it should be fast enough for 
administrative tasks.

Usually that should be no problem if you run only network services in your 
windows guest, but as a desktop replacement, it definitly won't be fast 

For desktop usage, you might be better off runing only windows directly on 
your hardware, and have linux run as guest on there. (coLinux, vmware 
player, ...)
(Or, of course, the other way round if you use linux more often)



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