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[Xen-users] re: FC4 with Xen-3.0? Can someone post a step-by-step?

Hi Lost,

Sorry out of line email.  Had to join to reply.

> What I can not get working is even the simplest networking. I haven't seen any writeups that explicity cover Dom0 networking -- they all gloss right over to DomU.

Yes, it does work out of the box with certain network cards and by starting with eth0 down. 3C59X cards work fine as does the tg3 cards. SK98Lin, NS83820 and SKGE (DL530G) cards do not.

Second, bring the box up with eth0 down and let xen bring it up. If eth0 is up, then when the physical interface is moved and reassigned a new MAC, it somehow keeps its old IP. In the network-bridge script, an arping uses the IP to see if someone owns it and the physical card responds. This causes two ARPs to be broadcast for a given card and the message "eth0: received packet with own address as source address" to appear in the dmesg and /var/log/messages.

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