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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Http interface

Henning Sprang wrote:
Anthony Liguori wrote:
It's going away.  libvirt has the best implementation of the protocol
(outside of Xend) that I know of.  It changes frequently and is not
something that's very fun to keep up with.

The last "it" is libvirt?
No, I was referring to the current HTTP/S-Expression protocol.
 Hmm, so If I need a web interface today, I can
chose between one that is going away soon and one that is not yet stable
to use?
If you need a web services interface, you're best bet is to start using libvirt today. libvirt will encapsulate the change from S-Expression/HTTP to XML-RPC.
libvirt.org gives me timeouts...
You probably don't have the HTTP transport enabled (the default is to just enable the domain socket transport). If you post your problem on the libvirt list, we'll help you through it.
We're moving to an XML-RPC based interface.  The interface will be
standardized and documented in future versions of Xen (hopefully in the
very near future).

See http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/Xend/XML-RPC

Sounds interesting. And the "S-Expression/HTTP protocol" stuff is what I
explained to guido, and will be gone with the next release?
Not with the next release. It will stay around for at least a couple more releases until there is a standardized and documented XML-RPC interface.


Anthony Liguori

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