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RE: [xen-users] kernel 2_6_15_4 and xen 2.0.7 ?

pci passthrough is available in unstable, but I beleive it's not available in 3.0.1. So should be available in 3.0.2 when it comes out.
You'd need to figure out what bits need patching in 2.6.15-4 kernel, as the kernel needs to be modified to work with Xen. At the moment, there isn't anyone working on porting later kernels to 2.0.x, as it's seen as more important to work on 3.0.x [and I think this is right, but obviously, this is subject to personal standpoint and what purpose Xen is used for].

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Hi all,
Wow, xen 3 seems to be quite a lot forward in kernel version.
I'm still running on xen 2.0.7 (i really need the pci passthru - this is still not available in xen 3, right ? )
Does anybody here know if i could run the 2.6.15-4 kernel with xen 2 ?
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On 2 Mar 2006, at 14:05, Mark Turner wrote:
> When I "make menuconfig" I can't see any mention of Xen in the 
> "Processor type and features" section or any of the sections below 
> there. In fact I'm fairly sure I looked through every branch of the 
> menus. Could you be more specific please and describe exactly where 
> it is in case I missed it?


        dom0a:/usr/src/linux- grep -i xen .config



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