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[Xen-users] Xen 3.0 and a virtual net (brouter with masq) (Repost in plaintext)

Hi All,

My previous post accidentally made it it to this list as a HTML text. This was unintentional. In the hope someone can still point me in the right direction for this I am reposting my question

I am trying to create the following configuration:


  |---eth2 Masquerading interface to OUTSIDE
  |---eth0 LAN:
  |---eth1 WLAN:
  |---xenbr0 DMZ:
         |-- vifX.0 -- eth0 of domU:

I would like to do it this way because I will not be using xen all the time on this machine.

I created a network-virtual script which sets up the xenbr0 bridge and gives it an IP, analogues to how a brouting setup would be.

The vif-bridge script is unchanged and used when a domU is started to attach it's vif to it.

users on the LAN and WLAN are allowed to reach the DMZ and OUTSIDE
domU in the DMZ is allowed to reach OUTSIDE.

This all works, except for one thing. the domU does not react to incoming packages for it.

When I ping from a host on the LAN and run tcpdump on eth0 in the domU, I can see the icmp packages coming in like expected. But the domU just will not reply to them.

iptables were flushed etc.
no messages in dmesg or /var/log/messages on the domU

So maybe someone on this list might have an idea what setting might be the cause here?

BB, Arjen

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