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Re: [Xen-users] Problems with XEN and OpenSuse 10.0


>I saw all the boot messages but didn't get any command prompt after
if I remember correctly there was a problem with guests on reiserfs on a resierfs-partition, but anyway I still use etx3-fs for all installations!

I do the installation of the guest a little different and always had success: I create a file with dd into a image-directory, format it with ext3 and mount it as loop-device. Now I make the SuSE-installation via YaST into a directory and the last things are copying the kernel to the image-directory, creating an /etc/fstab and copying passwd/group/shadow from a known installation over to be able to login.

I'm using SLES 10.0b3, 10.1b5 and Ubuntu 5.10, for OSS the integrated XEN-packages and for Ubuntu Xen 3.0.1. The SLES-betas still have several problems but I think they will be solved in the final version, on Ubuntu (based on Debian) most was running without problems but Ubuntu installs a lot of unneeded stuff and the important things have to be installed manually later!

Chau y hasta luego,


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