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Re: [Xen-users] Multiple xen bridges


I've found the solution to my problem, changed the script to specify the
vifnums explicitly:

# Exit if anything goes wrong.
set -e

# First arg is the operation.


case ${OP} in
        $script start vifnum=0 bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0
        $script start vifnum=1 bridge=xenbr1 netdev=eth1
        $script start vifnum=2 bridge=xenbri netdev=dummy0

        $script stop vifnum=0 bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0
        $script stop vifnum=1 bridge=xenbr1 netdev=eth1
        $script stop vifnum=2 bridge=xenbri netdev=dummy0

        $script status vifnum=0 bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0
        $script status vifnum=1 bridge=xenbr1 netdev=eth1
        $script status vifnum=2 bridge=xenbri netdev=dummy0

       echo 'Unknown command: ' ${OP}
       echo 'Valid commands are: start, stop, status'
       exit 1

In the hope that it could be useful to somebody.



>Hi everyone,
>With some successfull Xen3.0.1 single network interface configuration
>deployments behind, I've tried to setup a multinetwork xen host/DomUs
>following http://julien.danjou.info/xen.html. So I've diverted my
>/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge to /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge.xen
>and created a /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge, with the following content:
># Exit if anything goes wrong.
>set -e
># First arg is the operation.
>case ${OP} in
>  start)
>        $script start bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0
>        $script start bridge=xenbr1 netdev=eth1
>        $script start bridge=xenbri netdev=dummy0
>        ;;
>    stop)
>        $script stop bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0
>        $script stop bridge=xenbr1 netdev=eth1
>        $script stop bridge=xenbri netdev=dummy0
>        ;;
>    *)
>       echo 'Unknown command: ' ${OP}
>       echo 'Valid commands are: start, stop'
>       exit 1
>(It's almost copy-paste from the aforementioned webpage)
>When I try to stop this new script it runs problemles, it kills the
>xenbr0 interface., but when I try to start it, it is complaining:
>Waiting for peth0 to negotiate link...
>Link veth0 is missing.
>This may be because you have reached the limit of the number of interfaces
>that the loopback driver supports.  If the loopback driver is a module, you
>may raise this limit by passing it as a parameter (nloopbacks=<N>); if the
>driver is compiled statically into the kernel, then you may set the
>using loopback.nloopbacks=<N> on the domain 0 kernel command line.
>And then starts up only one bridge xenbr0.
>System: Xen-3.0.1, Dom0=Debian Sarge, with xen from debianbase.de kernel
>configured and compiled localy, without touching anything loopback
>related, just added drbd via module-assistant.
>Thanks in advance.
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