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[Xen-users] Versions dilemma: xen 3.0 for custom-2.6.9 on EM64T.

Dear All,
I have been trying to get a custom kernel 2.6.9 patched for xen-3. My kernel is a custom build from RHE4, which is based on linux2.6.9. I am trying to get it build for EM64T (x86_64) Intel processors. I have tried with several versions of xen2.0 as well as xen-source 3.0 , with no success.

I came to an understanding that I must use xen3.0 to be able to have my custom DomU running on Xen0 on x84_64. However, I understand xen 3.0 is designed to patch 2.6.11 and .12. When I use xen3 mkbuild for 2.6.9, I get all sort of compile error on building. Most of the errors are about new symbols that are not defined in 2.6.9 but were introduced for 2.6.11-12. Therefore, It does not seem that this is the correct approach. I only need DomU of my custom kernel to run on the already running 2.6.12-dom0.

Please advise me on which versions I should use with my kernel. Is my understanding of having to use xen3 for EM64T correct. Was anybody successful in patching 2.6.9-kernels with xen3?
Thank you for your reply in advance,
Lamia Youseff

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