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[Xen-users] Quad Opteron/Gentoo/Xen/AOE/CLVM

Anyone know if I'm looking for trouble on using Xen on the following setup:

2 x Dual Core Opteron (effectively a 4 core system)
Booting from an AOE device (this requires an initrd to bring up the second 
ethernet device and doe aoe-discovery).

I'm not sure if the 'host' system will bring up clvm and mount the lvs for the 
'guest' operating systems or if I'll let the guests handle that.

I'm new to xen, but really would like to use it on this box instead of a 
vmware product or similar.

Edward Muller - Interlix
PGP Key: http://interlix.com/Members/edwardam/pgpkeys

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