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Re: [Xen-users] xen network

I used network notepad for windows... is a freeware software for drawing network configurations

Now my configuration is this www.bugone.com/rete3.jpg
I created 2 addictional bridges for isolating the 2 subnet... it seems to work :)
tomorrow i'll test it better


Molle Bestefich wrote:
Enrico / BugOne S <bugone82@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
could you post script,

Sure.  Attached.
(It's just copy/paste from the other networking scripts.)


I'm bridging.

and iptables rules here please?

Not using iptables.


Curious; which application did you use to create that JPEG?

Do you think i can create a bridge for connecting eth2 of the firewall with
eth0 of openvpn and eth0 of ldap?

Can't see why not.

You can specify which particular bridge the VIF of each domU should be
attached to in the domU config file.  There's a bit of documentation
in xend-config.sxp, AFAIR, and probably also in the "xmexample<blah>"
config files.

I haven't tried doing that, but then again I haven't actively broken
it in the network-manual script attached.  So you *should* be able to
have Xen *NOT* rename your dom0 interfaces and have your domU vif's
attached to whatever bridges necessary using that script.

That should ensure that your dom0 /etc/init.d/net* scripts continue to
work (and you machine has network access after reboots etc.) and that
your domUs are set up as per your wishes when you start them.

Or which is the best way for recreate that working configuration?

Can't say, haven't much experience with Xen.

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