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[Xen-users] RE: domU lvm and resizing40

> Depends on what OS you are using.  For RHEL4, you can use either

oops-I'm using SlES 9 sp3.

> resize2fs (requires you to first run e2fsck), or (better choice) you can

I tried resize2fs but maybe I didn't do right.  I ran it from dom0 against 
the lv /dev/xenlocal/xen0vm1 volume.  Is that the correct way for a vm?

> also run ext2online, which doesn't require running e2fsck, but rather

ext2online looks as though it should be a part of ext2resize but if SuSE 
is using it I haven't been able to find it.

> resizes it online.
> Ben

FWIW if I open yast from the vm and look at the partition manager it also 
shows the new size.


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