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[Xen-users] Xen3.0x support of anything other than linux 2.6.x

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 20:27:11 -0000
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hope I can get sbd from xen to comment on this? would appreciate, especially if I am wrong somewhere.
I have been trying to get xenU guest running centos3 with 2.4 kernel. I have followed infos on this site and mailing-list stating that xen3.0 does not suport 2.4 kernels, but I should be able to get the 2.4 kernel working as xen2.0 guest(domU) under xen3.0 host(dom0).
To my big suprise when I finally managed to put all pieces together I got the following when starting centos domU:
(in xend-debug.log): ERROR: will only load images built for 3.0
Very nice! :-(((((
But....could we then stop the hype about how great Xen is and about all these OSes it supports? It is simply not true! Could you guys say in visible place (like page1 of the xen manual) that "Xen3.0 nowadays does not support anything anymore except kernel 2.6"!? And that "if you want anything else (support for all those linux24, netbsd, solaris, freebsd..), then you have to run xen2.07, but then again - here you go, here are the limitations - not maintained anymore, no support for anything than one 2.4 kernel and one 2.6 kernel" and so on...  I think this is quite unfair that there is no information about this anywhere! 
What else... what choice do I have now? reverting to Xen2.07? I have been running 2.6 distro since early versions of 2.6 kernel, so no way I am going to try it with 2.4 kernel - I am not a fan of time-travels. On the other side I see the last 2.6 version supported by Xen2.07 is 2.6.12 and I think everybody here knows very well how bad that kernel release was. so again - no-no-no-no...
To be honest - if I this all above is correct - you guys made a step backward with version 3.0. I really dont see how year 2006 would then be "Xen Year" (saw this on the web - some "very well informed" gave his article a title in this sense)
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